Saturday, 30 August 2014

Crochet Cushion Cover

Earlier this year I started to use up my stash bits and make a crochet blanket intended to go on my Daughter's bed. I used DK in any colour to create a blanket joining as I went, after 45 squares it became apparent that by the time I would be half way through it would be too heavy for me to work with and then knowing me I would put it in a bag and forget about it. Well I decided to start another blanket for Abi creating 180 squares in different colours then I shall crochet them together at the end, I think this will be workable for me.

So I looked at what I already created and couldn't bring myself to completely unravel it, so I removed a few squares and came up with 2 panels each with 16 squares. I crocheted a hot pink border around each panel then a single crochet stitch to join them together. I wanted to add buttons so added a few more rows at the top of one panel to create a flap with button holes, the whole thing was then finished off with different coloured buttons to tie in with the rest of the cushion cover.  I have already started to create another blanket for Abi and I also have one going in rainbow stripes for my youngest Daughter Bex. I am sure when they see the cushion they'll want one too. I love it and it is now pride of place in my office chair.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Enjoying a rare but welcome child free week this week, so we put the dogs in the car and headed to our new favourite spot on the East Coast. Mappleton Sands is a tiny village right next door to Hornsea.

There is a small FREE car park and clean toilets located at the top of a small hill but my hubby made it and he's not well. When you first get down to the beach there is quiet a few pebbles and rocks but if you keep to the let its easier to access. Finding the car park was very easy there is an ice cream parlour and sign post saying viewing point and your there.

The dogs were allowed to go on the beach with no restrictions other than you must clean up after them but thats it. I have been going to the East Coast since I was a little girl and have never come across this hidden gem.

There is no shops so you need a picnic or you can eat in Hornsea village. The nice surprise was the beach is so long and you could spend many an happy hour there. There was lots of families on the beach but being so big you hardly noticed anyone.

The dogs and us had a fab time and are hoping to return with the girls in a couple of weeks time.

Penny waiting expectantly for another pebble to be thrown, wouldn't mind but she doesn't even pick them up and bring them back

Lacey looking like she owns the beach, she be small but she thinks she's a great dane

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Mini Crochet Innocence Hat

I have written my crochet pattern for the little innocence hats and you can find it here. I find these little hats quite relaxing to make and if using just one colour they can be made within about 10 minutes. I made 36 with little pom poms then decided to make more with little flowers. These little beauties shall be mailed on to the Age Uk shortly to be included in this years The Big Knit event (even if mine are crocheted there will still be a new home out there somewhere for it).

If you are interested in taking part please follow this link ... -big-knit/

Saturday, 23 August 2014

I have designed this new wedding anniversary card using Pink Petticoat lilac blossom papers. I print onto luxury 300gsm linen finish card then layer up onto a linen finish base card, which I feel gives it a touch of luxury. This design is for a 'Wonderful Wife' but can be altered for partner or wording changed completely to send a s a birthday card.

I like to personalise all of my cards that way they become more of a keepsake than just a card. I also like to keep things simple and not to over the top with bells and whistles.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Granny Square Blanket

I wanted to share my completed pink and white granny square blanket. I bought some lovely pink wool from Coldspring Mills in Cullingworth and wasn't sure what to do with it. I had bought two different shades of pink so I added white from my stash and decided on a granny square blanket.

It is now sitting in my charity box pending re-homing. I hope a baby girl somewhere in the world will be happy with it.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Super Super Busy

When I joined the fab Loving Hands group I noticed that one of the ladies and mentioned just how much fabulous wool she had, this got me a thinking. How much do I have? well I started to go through my stash in which I found 25 garments already for the charity box and a few I need to photograph and add to my crochet shop.

All in all I had 21922 grams of wool and yesterday I added another 300 grams. I set myself a challenge to sort what I have and finish off projects that I started. It isn't that I get bored with a project it's just sometimes you need a large project to do at home and a smaller one that you can take out with you, but I seem to have about 6 projects that I started (not sure when) and haven't finished, so my target is to now finish of those projects before starting anymore. Plus in between times keep up with a few charity hooks.

I visited the lovely Maureen from Loving Hands last week for the 1st time and we talked all things woolly we had a fab 4 hours chatting away that I didn't realise what time it was. While chatting Maureen showed me a collection of tiny little knitted hats which are sent to Age UK then onto the Innocence Smoothie company who donate 25p per hat to Age UK.

The little hats are so cute, but I needed to crochet mine. So far I have made approximately 20 hats which shall be winging there way to Maureen shortly. The are super easy to make and when crocheted only take about 10 minutes plus about 5 minutes to sew on little pom poms.

Here is one I finished earlier. If any one wants the pattern just drop me a comment and I will post it on here. I have done so far because I thought there would be lots of them out there.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Twisted Neck Warmer

I recently joined the ladies at Loving Hands who create beautiful knitted and crocheted items for charities all around the country. I have started my own personal challenge to make 1000 items for various charities. 

The other day I started making something with no written pattern it was just in my head and I wasn't sure if it was going to be a blanket, scarf or nothing at all. After about an hours playing it started to transform itself into my new creation. 

I was thinking about the elderly and wanted something useful and that didn't take an age to make. While doing a bit of research someone mentioned that no buttons or ribbon should be used for obvious reasons. So I created my neck warmer which is joined at the ends (a bit like an infinity scarf but shorter) it then just pops over their head and sits like a collar. I think it looks fab and can be worn indoors or out.

This is my Twisted Neck Warmer

I worked this design vertically and it seemed to work up pretty quick, it took about 3 hours. 

Note: at the end of each row you work ch2 to act as your 1st tr. I prefer to only ch2 but you can ch3 if you prefer.

DK Wool and 4mm hook

R1: Chain 152 and work a full of trebles starting in the 3rd chain from the hook.

R2: Chain 2, miss the next 2 ch’s, work (tr1, ch1, tr1) in next ch, work this way to the last 3 ch’s. Work tr1 in last ch.

R3: Turn and ch2, work (tr1, ch1, tr1) in each ch1 space to the end of the row, work tr1 in last ch.

R4 - 10 - repeat row 3

R11: turn and ch2, work a full row of trebles to the end.

I twisted my neck warmer so that it sits like a collar but you can just join the ends together without twisting if you prefer.

To finish off I twisted the ends then crocheted the two ends together by working a 23 single crochet to the end. fastened off and weave in the ends.

This is my very first attempt at writing a pattern for other people to follow, so please feel free to use this pattern for yourself and let me know if I have missed anything or written it wrong.  

Friday, 8 August 2014

Afternoon all, I have not managed to post anything all week due to being super busy and getting grips with my new baby (iMac) As per my previous post my lovely hubby spoilt me at the weekend and in view of this I am not only getting to grips with a new operating system but I have also being trying to sort out software transfers. The man in the shop said I would probably have to telephone their support team for help and advice but I am proud to say the man was wrong (so far anyway) I have managed to transfer 99% of my windows files across with not too much hassle. The one thing that has happened with transferring is I can no longer use my serif applications for my designs so after a few hours of trying various things, I have decided that it's time for a bit of an overall of some designs. I am going through my design library one by one , re-designing then uploading to the website. I can't possibly put them all on here too but here's the 1st one.

A lovely delicate pink flourishes design with a little butterfly personalised with the name of the birthday girl. This design is lovely for any female relative or friend.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

So who doesn't like a surprise? Yesterday My hubby and I were just going out for a touch of lunch and pick up a few bits from here and there that we needed. I needed a new keyboard for my pc has the key on the old kept sticking and it was super annoying, so of we popped to Currys for a look and to my extreme surprise came home with a fabulous gift. I have always been a windows pc girl, but when I got my iPad a couple of years ago and my iPhone i was hooked on apple products, so yesterday a cheap and cheerful keyboard for my pc turned into the most beautiful iMac instead. Now I have lots of playing to do to get to grip with a new operating system but so far so good. All I need to do now is convert all of my designs so they work on the iMac.

I am one happy woman I love my hubby x

Friday, 1 August 2014

I have been crocheting for many years now but only the traditional granny square blankets, so about 2 years ago I decided to teach myself how to crochet more than just blankets. Using the fab internet I managed to teach myself how to make lots of different items. Once you understand the basics it is really easy. I have a passion for crochet now and need, really need to crochet each and every day. I try to take a project with me where ever I go, because you never know when you might get a good 5 minutes hooking (crocheting).

I produced over the winter a large amount of baby hats, blankets and jackets for our local maternity unit, only to be told thanks and to give them to the tea bar volunteers for them to sell. Now I don't have a problem with them selling them for to raise funds but I made items to fit the very tiny babies up to full term babies and didn't think they would be able to sell the tiny items, so I am sure there is a few dollies in Bradford wearing my items intended for the babies.

So with this in mind and still wanting to make items both to sell in my shop to raise much needed funds to buy even more wool and for charity I went on an internet trawl looking for a worthwhile cause and I found many great causes all in one fabulous place. Loving Hands run by Lou is a great place to chat, create and donate to charities all over the country. There is also a great forum full of like minded ladies and men who enjoy crochet, knitting and sewing to give to people who really need them. I have only joined them this week and I am already going to meet Dawn in a couple of days for coffee and cake which appears to be a Loving Hands thing, nothing apparently can be made without a slice of cake.

So I was thinking on my new adventure with the LH gang, should I set myself a target? I think the answer is yes. I might be crazy but I look at it this way, I love crochet, wool, creating, cake and it gives me a really good excuse to buy more and more wool so here goes.

I aim to create 1000 (yes one thousand) items to donate to Loving Hands for Lou to distribute to the various charities around the country. Not sure how long it will take me but that's part of the fun.

New Christening Day Design

I love making cards for new babies and christenings they are always so cute. This is my new christening design. Luxury keepsake card personalised with child's name and the date of the event. 

We must have had a baby boom because I have orders for this everyday.

I am also thinking of designing  invitations with the same little church, but I shall blog them when ready.

Meet Olly

I wanted to share a photo of my lovely ginger tom cat. His name is Olly, he is now 7 years old, still a rascal and likes to get into as much mischief as he can. When he was only 1 he fell from a tree and broke his leg badly, not insured (duh!) and £1000 later his leg was pinned and soon back to his lovely cheeky self. He hobbles and drags his back leg but when he wants to climb and jump he can and nothing can stop him. We also have two dogs (more about them later) and he doesn't mind coming for a big lick then sits there staring at them just to annoy. Why! you ask, because he can. We had a fab sunset a couple of weeks ago and there he was on the garden wall posing with not a care in the world. So out came the camera and here he is looking majestic.

Gift Bag Pattern

I've been playing with some scraps of yarn and following on from my cutie pie purse, I designed this little gift bag in 3 sizes, ...