Friday, 1 August 2014

Meet Olly

I wanted to share a photo of my lovely ginger tom cat. His name is Olly, he is now 7 years old, still a rascal and likes to get into as much mischief as he can. When he was only 1 he fell from a tree and broke his leg badly, not insured (duh!) and £1000 later his leg was pinned and soon back to his lovely cheeky self. He hobbles and drags his back leg but when he wants to climb and jump he can and nothing can stop him. We also have two dogs (more about them later) and he doesn't mind coming for a big lick then sits there staring at them just to annoy. Why! you ask, because he can. We had a fab sunset a couple of weeks ago and there he was on the garden wall posing with not a care in the world. So out came the camera and here he is looking majestic.

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