Friday, 1 May 2015

Crochet Bag in the Making

I really love handbags (really really love) and I wanted to crochet one but did't fancy having to line it. I put of the idea of making one until I had a eureka moment, I saw 100% cotton tote bags for sale on Amazon and it struck me that these bags were strong enough and easy enough to use has lining. So once they arrived in the post I set about making my new bag. I measured the cotton tote and played around a bit with the pattern and I am now liking how it is coming along. I am using the Women's Institute wool from Hobbycraft in a slate grey and lilac. I love this wool it is so soft to work with and it can be machine washed. I am playing with ideas for the handles and wether or not to add a flower or two but thats part of the fun of playing. I know it doesn't look much at the moment but it soon will.

New Challenges

Hi Sharing my new pattern and a new challenge.  I have been extremely busy over the last 2 years and have put myself under unnecessary pre...