Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Gift Bag Pattern

I've been playing with some scraps of yarn and following on from my cutie pie purse, I designed this little gift bag in 3 sizes, perfect for lots of different occasions.

I have used DK and a 4mm hook for this pattern, but you can use any yarn and hook to suit.

Mini Gift Bag

First chain 4 and slip stitch to form a loop

Row 1: ch3 and work 11tr's in to same loop. Slst in to the top of ch3 to close the round - 12 sts

Row 2: ch3 in same st, 1tr in same stitch, then work 2tr's in each around, slst in to top of ch3  - 24 sts

Row 3: ch3, working in back of st only, work 1tr each st to end, sl st in to top of ch3 - 24 sts

Row 4: ch3, 1tr in each st to end, sl st in to top of ch3 - 24 sts

Row 5: repeat row 4

Row 6: ch2, 1htr in each st to end, sl st in to top of ch2 - 24 sts

Row 6 is where you thread your cord or ribbon

Medium Gift Bag

Follow instructions as above for rows 1 and 2

Row 3: ch3, 1tr in same st, 1tr in next st, 2tr in next st, continue to work 1tr, 2tr to the end, sl st in to top of ch3 - 36 sts

Row 4: ch3, working in back of st only, work 1tr each st to end, sl st in to top of ch3 - 36 sts

Row 5: ch3, 1tr in each st to end, sl st in to top of ch3 - 36 sts

Row 6 - 8: repeat row 5

Row 9: ch2, 1htr in each st to end, sl st in to top of ch2 - 36 sts

Row 9 is where you thread your cord or ribbon

Large Gift Bag 

Follow instructions as above for rows 1 - 3 as for medium bag

Row 4: ch3, 1tr in same st, 1tr in next 2 sts, 2tr in next st, continue to work 1tr, 1tr, 2tr to the end, sl st in to top of ch3 - 48 sts

Row 5: ch3, working in back of st only, work 1tr each st to end, sl st in to top of ch3 - 48 sts

Row 6: ch3, 1tr in each st to end, sl st in to top of ch3 - 48 sts

Row 7 - 11: repeat row 6

Row 12: ch2, 1htr in each st to end, sl st in to top of ch2 - 48 sts

Row 12 is where you thread your cord or ribbon

Scalloped Edge - All 3 sizes

skip 1 stitch, in the next stitch work 5tr's, skip 1 stitch, slip stitch in next stitch. Continue to work - sk1, 5tr's, sk1, sl st to end of round, fasten off and weave in ends


Chain 75, fasten off.

Thread cord or ribbon through row 6, 9 or 12 depending on the size of bag you have made.

Pull cord or ribbon to close bag and tie in a bow.

I hope you like this free pattern, please use to create bags for charity or as a gift. You can sell the bags you make but please do not copy or distribute the pattern in anyway.

Happy hooking x

Monday, 14 August 2017

New Pattern

This last weekend, some of my friends who also like to make for various charities decided to have a 'let's make' party, the theme this time was little purses or pencil cases that will be donated and included in shoe boxes for various charities around the world.  My contribution was this little cutie, very simple and quick and uses less than 15g of wool. Perfect for using up your scraps. I also blogged about my stash busting antics and my 'Yarn Diet' well that failed big time and I'm now the owner of some very nice and lovely to work with 'Cakes' of yarn which I shall share next time with you. My stash increased by 3000g and my totals are out of whack at the moment, but I shall be working on sorting that out shortly.  In the meantime if you would like to make my 'Cutie Pie Purse' then please read on. I hope you enjoy making one, either for a little girl in your life or for charity.

You will need small amounts of DK wool, I used about 10g of the pink and a small amount of the grey plus a 4mm crochet hook

Chain 20 using you main colour

We are going to work both sides of the foundation chain and work in the round

Row 1: start in the 2nd chain from the hook and work 1htr in each stitch until you reach the last stitch. In the last stitch work 3htr, continue to work 1htr in each stitch along the bottom of the foundation chain until you reach the last stitch. In the last stitch work 2htr and slip stitch in to the top of the first htr you created to close the row. Your work should look like this:-

Row 2: ch1, 1htr in to same stitch, 1htr in each stitch to the end, slip stitch to the top of the first htr to close the round, you should have 41 sts

Rows 3 - 12: repeat row 2 making sure to have 41sts at the end of each row.  Fasten of and weave in ends

Row 13: join in your contrasting wool to the back section of your purse by chaining 1 and working 1htr in same stitch, work 1htr in the next 18 stitches and turn

Row 14: ch1, in the same stitch and the next stitch work a htr2tog, this is worked by wrapping wool around hook, insert in to stitch, wrap wool again and pull through stitch, repeat in the next stitch, you should have 5 loops on your hook, wrap wool around hot again and pull through all 5 loops, this is your htr2tog. Work 1htr in the next 16 stitches, htr2tog and ch1 and turn

Row 15: htr2tog, 1htr in next 14 stitches, htr2tog, ch1 and turn

Row 16: htr2tog, 1htr in next 12 stitches, htr2tog, ch1 and turn

Row 17: htr2tog, 1htr in next 10 stitches, htr2tog, ch1 and turn

Row 18: htr2tog, 1htr in next 8 stitches, htr2tog, ch1 and turn

Row 19: htr2tog, 1htr in next 6 stitches, htr2tog, ch1 and turn

Row 20: 1htr in next 4 stitches, chain 3, 1htr in next 4 stitches

Fasten off, weave in ends and attach button. 

Happy hooking x

Friday, 3 March 2017

Stash Busting Challenge

Anyone who knows me and have read my blog or Facebook page you will know that I have a rather large stash and for 2017 I put myself on a 'YARN DIET" do not under any circumstances buy more yarn I tell myself on a daily basis. I have been tempted believe you me,  I receive lots of emails everyday with lots of lovely photos and special offers on yarn and I'm proud to say that so far I haven't succumbed and my "YARN DIET" is going well.

Now some of you know that I'm a bit sad and I love spreadsheets, my daughter can testify to that, she bought me a cup with 'I Love Spreadsheets' on has a joke but I love using it. I decided a while ago to have a spreadsheet listing all my yarn, make, colour, grams etc because I found that I had so much and when I wanted to start something new I couldn't find the yarn I wanted so bought more, then found that I already had some. So enough was enough and a spreadsheet was born, I have even noted where I have stashed it, well nearly I'm about half way through that process. Anyway to combat my stash I am not buying any yarn what so ever for the whole of 2017, I will use up my stash and keep a track of it here for all to see. I updated the total this morning and I currently have 69, 682 grams of yarn and there maybe a few oddments that are not on that list. 

My stash is in boxes, bags and shelves and I can not close my office door and I really want to be able to whittle down the boxes and close the door and that is my crochet goal for the year. Because the majority of what I make is for charity I will be adding to my charity totals too. To keep a track of my efforts I shall be posting here, my makes and grams used etc but I will be getting moral support from the lovely ladies over at Linda's Crafty Corner. Linda who have spoken about before runs a monthly stash busting event, so like minded ladies with a stash problem can share their makes and how much stash they have used. 

I have been making but not keeping track of totals in respect of number of grams used, so starting today with these cute bootees I shall be keeping a running total of my stash busted. If you, where in the world you may be would also like to join in then please click on the logo in the sidebar or pop over to Linda's Craft Corner for more information.

6 pairs of baby bootees = 84 grams used

Monday, 27 February 2017

Nearly Spring

Afternoon everybody hope you are all well and have had a lovely weekend. I have been playing with my loom this weekend. I have mixed 2 strands of yarn together to give a different twist and have made these cute little hats. You can't tell but the loom knit hats are pale pink and white mixed and look cute if I do say so myself. I have made 12 little hats this weekend and they are being sent to a lady in the West Midlands for her local hospital.

We had a busy Saturday, I volunteer for the Take Heart charity based at Leeds General Infirmary and it was the monthly afternoon tea event. My husband came along and had a fun time chatting to all the different people who attended and my daughter Rebecca made some very lovely chocolate muffins for the event and she came along too, to see what volunteering at the event entails and to see how well her chocolate muffins went. By the end of the afternoon all the cakes and muffins sold and £100 was raised for the charity. We are looking forward to the next event 25th March. If you happen to be in Leeds on the 25th why not pop in and say hello.

Monday, 13 February 2017

Happy Monday

Hi everyone, the sun is out at last. It's been a bitter few days but hopefully turning the corner now into milder weather. Well I was surprised to find my new pattern format for my angel baby blanket has been the most read post I have every had, so I suppose this new format is a hit. I ave updated the post slightly because I forgot to mention how much yarn to use. I have been sorting through everything I had made recently and was surprised to find I had a box full ready for posting. I have photographed and noted how many items I have made so that I can update my challenge list. The list now stands at 395 items made and donated which I'm rather proud of. These little makes will be posted today to Janet who runs Crafted with love - donation group via Facebook. Now to find what to make next. Enjoy the rest of this sunny Monday x

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Angel Baby Blanket

I decided to have a new format for my patterns. So from today I'm going to post a photo tutorial on my blog and then a written pattern in my Ravelry store, so you can print and keep.

My first pattern in the new format is a tiny 9" x 12" blanket which is to be donated to charities who help parents of angel babies.

I have chosen to use a baby DK yarn approximately 50g, but you could use 4 ply and increase the starting chain in increments of 2 stitches until you arrive at the desired width.

Using a 4.5mm hook chain 34

Row 1: starting in the 2nd chain from the hook, work 1htr in each st to the end, ch1 and turn = 33 sts

Row 2: work (1sc, 1htr) in first st, then skip 1, (1sc, 1htr, sk1) forms the pattern, continue to the last st, 1htr in last st, ch1 and turn.

Row 3: There is little spaces between the stitches, this is where you skipped a stitch and this is where the next set of stitches go. in the 1st space, work (1sc, 1htr)

 then in the next space work (1sc, 1htr) continue to do this till you've worked the pattern in every  space to the end

You can see you are left with an odd looking end of row. this is fine because you will end up if you follow my photo's with a lovely straight edge. Work 1htr in the last stitch, ch1 and turn

Row 4: the pattern is a repeat of row 3 and you will end up with a lovely tight textured finish. Repeat row 3 another 35 times, you should have 38 rows in total.

Row 39: work 1htr into each to end, ch1

Now we create the ruffle border, working in the end of row 39, work 3tr in each row end all the way around 4 sides , sl st to the 1st tr of the border, Fasten off and weave in ends and decorate if you wish.

Close up of stitch

I hope you enjoy making this little blanket, please ask any questions via the comments box should you have any or use the links to get in touch. A written pattern will be in Ravelry store shortly x

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Jamberry Nail Wraps

Morning everyone, I mentioned a few posts back that I have a new love in my life, Jamberry nail wraps. A friend became an independent consultant for them last year and she offered me a free sample. Now at the time I didn't really 'DO' my nails, I never seemed to have the time to varnish them for it then to chip and look a mess with in a couple of days, I would varnish them if I were going out some nice but thats all. So when my friend offered me a free sample I had the 'these won't be for me' attitude. I tried the 7 day challenge, which is take 1 wrap, that you cut in half, apply to two nails (I did one on each hand) then paint the rest of your nails (I used a 7 day varnish) and then see which holds up best to everyday life. The wraps or the varnish. Needless to say the wraps won! from then on I was hooked (pun intended)

Once I had worn my wraps for the 7 days I wandered about buying a full set, I then discovered that there is over 300 designs currently for the UK market but also exclusive wraps for special holidays, annual charity wraps, plus a monthly Sister's Style. I was spoilt for choice, no idea which ones to get. I thought 'don't run before you walk' try another 7 day challenge but again the wraps won.

That was it for me, I like having pretty nails but won't pay salon prices and I find high street varnishes don't last. When I removed my 2nd set of wraps I felt a bit lost with out them, so took the plunge and bought the full kit. Now this isn't something I would normally do but I kinda fell in love with them. From then on I have pretty nails all the time. I now get a couple of hours 'me time' each time a change them, now I could have had that before but I didn't realise that. I always thought I was too busy, not enough hours in the day etc. Not anymore. I get myself organised with my kit, grab a drink and sit merrily playing with my nails for an hour or two. Here are some photo's of my wraps since I bought my kit.

They even held up against decorating!

This is what my nails looked like once I had removed them. Perfect.

This last photo is my "Plum Polka Dot' wraps which I applied 11 days ago and they are still going strong.

I have started a Facebook group if you would like to learn more about them, just click the link.

or if your interested you can pop over to my website to see all the beautiful designs.

So now I have a colourful yarn addiction and a colourful nail addiction too!

Gift Bag Pattern

I've been playing with some scraps of yarn and following on from my cutie pie purse, I designed this little gift bag in 3 sizes, ...