Thursday, 9 February 2017

Angel Baby Blanket

I decided to have a new format for my patterns. So from today I'm going to post a photo tutorial on my blog and then a written pattern in my Ravelry store, so you can print and keep.

My first pattern in the new format is a tiny 9" x 12" blanket which is to be donated to charities who help parents of angel babies.

I have chosen to use a baby DK yarn approximately 50g, but you could use 4 ply and increase the starting chain in increments of 2 stitches until you arrive at the desired width.

Using a 4.5mm hook chain 34

Row 1: starting in the 2nd chain from the hook, work 1htr in each st to the end, ch1 and turn = 33 sts

Row 2: work (1sc, 1htr) in first st, then skip 1, (1sc, 1htr, sk1) forms the pattern, continue to the last st, 1htr in last st, ch1 and turn.

Row 3: There is little spaces between the stitches, this is where you skipped a stitch and this is where the next set of stitches go. in the 1st space, work (1sc, 1htr)

 then in the next space work (1sc, 1htr) continue to do this till you've worked the pattern in every  space to the end

You can see you are left with an odd looking end of row. this is fine because you will end up if you follow my photo's with a lovely straight edge. Work 1htr in the last stitch, ch1 and turn

Row 4: the pattern is a repeat of row 3 and you will end up with a lovely tight textured finish. Repeat row 3 another 35 times, you should have 38 rows in total.

Row 39: work 1htr into each to end, ch1

Now we create the ruffle border, working in the end of row 39, work 3tr in each row end all the way around 4 sides , sl st to the 1st tr of the border, Fasten off and weave in ends and decorate if you wish.

Close up of stitch

I hope you enjoy making this little blanket, please ask any questions via the comments box should you have any or use the links to get in touch. A written pattern will be in Ravelry store shortly x


Una said...

I love detailed photo tutorials like this. They really help me and I know lots of other crocheters appreciate them as well. Thanks. The blanket is very pretty.

June Andrews said...

This is adorable. I also do a lot of charity work. I am confused though by your use of SC, which is American terminology, while the HTC is British terminology. Can you clarify SC please.

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