Thursday, 26 January 2017

Jamberry Nail Wraps

Morning everyone, I mentioned a few posts back that I have a new love in my life, Jamberry nail wraps. A friend became an independent consultant for them last year and she offered me a free sample. Now at the time I didn't really 'DO' my nails, I never seemed to have the time to varnish them for it then to chip and look a mess with in a couple of days, I would varnish them if I were going out some nice but thats all. So when my friend offered me a free sample I had the 'these won't be for me' attitude. I tried the 7 day challenge, which is take 1 wrap, that you cut in half, apply to two nails (I did one on each hand) then paint the rest of your nails (I used a 7 day varnish) and then see which holds up best to everyday life. The wraps or the varnish. Needless to say the wraps won! from then on I was hooked (pun intended)

Once I had worn my wraps for the 7 days I wandered about buying a full set, I then discovered that there is over 300 designs currently for the UK market but also exclusive wraps for special holidays, annual charity wraps, plus a monthly Sister's Style. I was spoilt for choice, no idea which ones to get. I thought 'don't run before you walk' try another 7 day challenge but again the wraps won.

That was it for me, I like having pretty nails but won't pay salon prices and I find high street varnishes don't last. When I removed my 2nd set of wraps I felt a bit lost with out them, so took the plunge and bought the full kit. Now this isn't something I would normally do but I kinda fell in love with them. From then on I have pretty nails all the time. I now get a couple of hours 'me time' each time a change them, now I could have had that before but I didn't realise that. I always thought I was too busy, not enough hours in the day etc. Not anymore. I get myself organised with my kit, grab a drink and sit merrily playing with my nails for an hour or two. Here are some photo's of my wraps since I bought my kit.

They even held up against decorating!

This is what my nails looked like once I had removed them. Perfect.

This last photo is my "Plum Polka Dot' wraps which I applied 11 days ago and they are still going strong.

I have started a Facebook group if you would like to learn more about them, just click the link.

or if your interested you can pop over to my website to see all the beautiful designs.

So now I have a colourful yarn addiction and a colourful nail addiction too!

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