Friday, 31 October 2014

Happy Happy Happy!!

Well you could've blown me down with a feather yesterday when hubby called in the morning and said they were sending him home. I picked him up yesterday afternoon and he his now safe and sound tucked up at home resting. A few more hospital visits for check-ups etc but by mid January he should be back to full health. Has per my previous post regarding the Take Heart charity, I had a good sort out and donated 3 scarves, 2 baby blankets, 10 children's hats plus a few other little bits and my plan is to keep on crocheting and drop off a few more in 6 weeks time when is check-up time.  It made me feel happy to create and donate and for people to be so appreciative of my work. To top of my week I received an email today with a 20% discount from Hobbycraft, well it would be rude not to accept such a generous discount so I have treated myself to the new Cricut explore machine which I have been wanting since its launch in the summer and 12 balls of the lovely Women's Institute soft and silky yarn.  Roll on the postman coming with my treat.

Below is a photo of my donation to Take Heart.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

So far so good!

Huge thank you to everyone on all the social media sites who sent best wishes to my hubby last week. I am glad to say he is doing fantastic. This time last week we were told there was a huge risk with the surgery and that he would be in ICU for 2 weeks. The operation was a success although a few complications, a double heart bypass later he was in ICU with so many machines it was upsetting but he has done so well that he was only in ICU for 4 days, now back up on the ward doing slow and steady exercises and everything going to plan. With a bit of luck he will be home within the next week.

While at the hospital I came across a charity who carryout fantastic work both at the Leeds General Infirmary and St James's Hospital. The Take Heart charity carry out fund raising events plus hold regular stalls in the hospitals themselves. So far just the things I have seen while at the LGI they have raised millions to create a roof top garden (which is fantastic), refurbished family rooms, supplied brand new furniture to the wards, Dyson fans for the patients, plus so much more. if you have time and are interested in looking at what they do then please pop along to I was surprised to find that you can become a life long member for a one off fee of £1.50, this gives you a quarterly newsletter to keep you up to date with the events and current projects. £1.50 I can't even get a cup of tea for that, so I am gladly becoming a member today.

Everyone knows that I love my crochet and I make things for all kinds of charities, from premature and angel babies, pet blankets, plus just about anyone who needs something crocheted. So my new plan following a lovely chat last week with a volunteer for the Take Heart charity is to crochet items toys, clothing etc that they can sell on their stall each week. The beauty of this is I get my crochet fix and get to buy more yarn and then by donating my creations raise much needed funds too. So today I am sorting through my completed goodies to see what I can donate.

If anyone would like to contribute any items for the charity please drop me an email to discuss. My plan is drop items off when I go visiting and then maybe every other month once my hubby is home.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Decision Made

Well it's been a bit of a stressful time at my house this last few weeks but with crochet to keep me sane I'm sure all will work out well. Mick (my hubby) had a heart bypass yesterday and due to rheumatoid arthritis complications he shall be in intensive care for 2 weeks instead of 2-3 days. Then up to the main ward for a week or so. We are hoping to have him home by the end of November. From here on in it shall be around 6 months until he is fit enough to lift anything heavier than his cup of tea. I have to praise the staff at both Bradford Royal Infirmary and Leeds General Infirmary all have been brilliant. Between the two hospitals I have seen at 1st hand the dedication all the nurses and doctors put into looking after not just my husband but all patients. I'm now thinking of creating a new card design to raise funds for the Take Heart Charity. I shall be looking into that soon. So this post was a just little update and now its time to put the kettle on and have maybe an hour with my hook and yarn.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Crochet Therapy

Morning, I haven't posted for a few days due to Hubby still being in hospital. He is awaiting a decision on a heart bypass, the decision is being made by surgeons in Leeds and he is in Bradford so waiting, waiting and a bit more waiting. On the up side he is allowed to come home each day then go back to the hospital at night. He jokes its worse than being a prisoner. I must admit it feels very strange picking him up on a morning then drop him back off at night, but thats what we after to do to keep his space on the list so to speak. Anyhow in-between being a taxi service along with everything else that needs to be done I have tried to have some crochet therapy, some would think it is cheaper than a spa day or an actual therapist but I'm not so sure, my stash of yarn seems to multiply on its own. I have been good this last week and not bought anymore. I have been commissioned to make a cot blanket for a new baby due soon, I'm about a third of the way through but I can't just do the one project so I do some work on the blanket then pick up something small to do. I recently made a baby beret which I blogged early and have spent a few hours writing up the pattern which is over on my free patterns page. It was my small thing to do last night.  Free pattern here.

My next free pattern is going to be a bottle gift bag so keep watching this space as they are perfect for Christmas.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Autumn's On It's Way

Things have been and still are a little stressful over the last few weeks and shall continue to be for a few more to come due to Hubby being ill. So I have lost myself when able into my crochet just to keep me sane. I wanted to make something easy and small but also something I could complete and not have to put down and turn into a WIP (work in progress) I have so many WIP's that another was not a good idea. Well I checked my stash and found just 1 x 50g ball of a lovely dark grey, light grey and purple mixed yarn and thought what can I make with just this one ball, after a couple of false starts I came up with a pair of fingerless gloves. If like me your not keen on wearing gloves then these are a great alternative.

Very simple to make with a pattern here and a great stash buster. They can be made longer but you'll probably need more than a 50g ball of yarn. I had enough yarn left over to create 4 flowers which will be added to a scarf or cowl at a later date. There was no label on the yarn so other than it being acrylic I have no idea of the make but I think they turned out well.

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