Monday, 27 April 2015

Glad to be back

I am so glad to be posting today. I have had a horrible couple of months with illness and have not been even remotely inclined to pick up my hooks and create. I have so much to catch up with, firstly the CAL I was following and I think I am about 6 squares behind and trying to stash bust too. I am going to be catching up on both projects this week and hopefully finish a star blanket that I started 3 months ago now. I have really missed my crochet but today is day 1 of thinking positive and starting to hook again.

My stash busting pet blankets are going to be having a new recipient. We had a little addition to our family last Friday and she is going to be needing snuggle blankets, so I am going to be making lots of small blankets both for my pets and to take to our local charity vet.

This is Cody she is a maltese cross and is only 9 weeks old. She is settling in nicely with our other 2 dogs. She is so tiny but she has a huge heart.

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