Saturday, 9 August 2014

Twisted Neck Warmer

I recently joined the ladies at Loving Hands who create beautiful knitted and crocheted items for charities all around the country. I have started my own personal challenge to make 1000 items for various charities. 

The other day I started making something with no written pattern it was just in my head and I wasn't sure if it was going to be a blanket, scarf or nothing at all. After about an hours playing it started to transform itself into my new creation. 

I was thinking about the elderly and wanted something useful and that didn't take an age to make. While doing a bit of research someone mentioned that no buttons or ribbon should be used for obvious reasons. So I created my neck warmer which is joined at the ends (a bit like an infinity scarf but shorter) it then just pops over their head and sits like a collar. I think it looks fab and can be worn indoors or out.

This is my Twisted Neck Warmer

I worked this design vertically and it seemed to work up pretty quick, it took about 3 hours. 

Note: at the end of each row you work ch2 to act as your 1st tr. I prefer to only ch2 but you can ch3 if you prefer.

DK Wool and 4mm hook

R1: Chain 152 and work a full of trebles starting in the 3rd chain from the hook.

R2: Chain 2, miss the next 2 ch’s, work (tr1, ch1, tr1) in next ch, work this way to the last 3 ch’s. Work tr1 in last ch.

R3: Turn and ch2, work (tr1, ch1, tr1) in each ch1 space to the end of the row, work tr1 in last ch.

R4 - 10 - repeat row 3

R11: turn and ch2, work a full row of trebles to the end.

I twisted my neck warmer so that it sits like a collar but you can just join the ends together without twisting if you prefer.

To finish off I twisted the ends then crocheted the two ends together by working a 23 single crochet to the end. fastened off and weave in the ends.

This is my very first attempt at writing a pattern for other people to follow, so please feel free to use this pattern for yourself and let me know if I have missed anything or written it wrong.  


Dawn said...

Even I can understand the pattern!!!! Looks fab, might just give it a go!

Dawn x

Anonymous said...

Easy to join the chain into a ring and work in rounds. Thanks for the patten. Nice, and quick!

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