Friday, 3 March 2017

Stash Busting Challenge

Anyone who knows me and have read my blog or Facebook page you will know that I have a rather large stash and for 2017 I put myself on a 'YARN DIET" do not under any circumstances buy more yarn I tell myself on a daily basis. I have been tempted believe you me,  I receive lots of emails everyday with lots of lovely photos and special offers on yarn and I'm proud to say that so far I haven't succumbed and my "YARN DIET" is going well.

Now some of you know that I'm a bit sad and I love spreadsheets, my daughter can testify to that, she bought me a cup with 'I Love Spreadsheets' on has a joke but I love using it. I decided a while ago to have a spreadsheet listing all my yarn, make, colour, grams etc because I found that I had so much and when I wanted to start something new I couldn't find the yarn I wanted so bought more, then found that I already had some. So enough was enough and a spreadsheet was born, I have even noted where I have stashed it, well nearly I'm about half way through that process. Anyway to combat my stash I am not buying any yarn what so ever for the whole of 2017, I will use up my stash and keep a track of it here for all to see. I updated the total this morning and I currently have 69, 682 grams of yarn and there maybe a few oddments that are not on that list. 

My stash is in boxes, bags and shelves and I can not close my office door and I really want to be able to whittle down the boxes and close the door and that is my crochet goal for the year. Because the majority of what I make is for charity I will be adding to my charity totals too. To keep a track of my efforts I shall be posting here, my makes and grams used etc but I will be getting moral support from the lovely ladies over at Linda's Crafty Corner. Linda who have spoken about before runs a monthly stash busting event, so like minded ladies with a stash problem can share their makes and how much stash they have used. 

I have been making but not keeping track of totals in respect of number of grams used, so starting today with these cute bootees I shall be keeping a running total of my stash busted. If you, where in the world you may be would also like to join in then please click on the logo in the sidebar or pop over to Linda's Craft Corner for more information.

6 pairs of baby bootees = 84 grams used

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