Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Super Super Busy

When I joined the fab Loving Hands group I noticed that one of the ladies and mentioned just how much fabulous wool she had, this got me a thinking. How much do I have? well I started to go through my stash in which I found 25 garments already for the charity box and a few I need to photograph and add to my crochet shop.

All in all I had 21922 grams of wool and yesterday I added another 300 grams. I set myself a challenge to sort what I have and finish off projects that I started. It isn't that I get bored with a project it's just sometimes you need a large project to do at home and a smaller one that you can take out with you, but I seem to have about 6 projects that I started (not sure when) and haven't finished, so my target is to now finish of those projects before starting anymore. Plus in between times keep up with a few charity hooks.

I visited the lovely Maureen from Loving Hands last week for the 1st time and we talked all things woolly we had a fab 4 hours chatting away that I didn't realise what time it was. While chatting Maureen showed me a collection of tiny little knitted hats which are sent to Age UK then onto the Innocence Smoothie company who donate 25p per hat to Age UK.

The little hats are so cute, but I needed to crochet mine. So far I have made approximately 20 hats which shall be winging there way to Maureen shortly. The are super easy to make and when crocheted only take about 10 minutes plus about 5 minutes to sew on little pom poms.

Here is one I finished earlier. If any one wants the pattern just drop me a comment and I will post it on here. I have done so far because I thought there would be lots of them out there.

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