Monday, 13 February 2017

Happy Monday

Hi everyone, the sun is out at last. It's been a bitter few days but hopefully turning the corner now into milder weather. Well I was surprised to find my new pattern format for my angel baby blanket has been the most read post I have every had, so I suppose this new format is a hit. I ave updated the post slightly because I forgot to mention how much yarn to use. I have been sorting through everything I had made recently and was surprised to find I had a box full ready for posting. I have photographed and noted how many items I have made so that I can update my challenge list. The list now stands at 395 items made and donated which I'm rather proud of. These little makes will be posted today to Janet who runs Crafted with love - donation group via Facebook. Now to find what to make next. Enjoy the rest of this sunny Monday x

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