Monday, 14 August 2017

New Pattern

This last weekend, some of my friends who also like to make for various charities decided to have a 'let's make' party, the theme this time was little purses or pencil cases that will be donated and included in shoe boxes for various charities around the world.  My contribution was this little cutie, very simple and quick and uses less than 15g of wool. Perfect for using up your scraps. I also blogged about my stash busting antics and my 'Yarn Diet' well that failed big time and I'm now the owner of some very nice and lovely to work with 'Cakes' of yarn which I shall share next time with you. My stash increased by 3000g and my totals are out of whack at the moment, but I shall be working on sorting that out shortly.  In the meantime if you would like to make my 'Cutie Pie Purse' then please read on. I hope you enjoy making one, either for a little girl in your life or for charity.

You will need small amounts of DK wool, I used about 10g of the pink and a small amount of the grey plus a 4mm crochet hook

Chain 20 using you main colour

We are going to work both sides of the foundation chain and work in the round

Row 1: start in the 2nd chain from the hook and work 1htr in each stitch until you reach the last stitch. In the last stitch work 3htr, continue to work 1htr in each stitch along the bottom of the foundation chain until you reach the last stitch. In the last stitch work 2htr and slip stitch in to the top of the first htr you created to close the row. Your work should look like this:-

Row 2: ch1, 1htr in to same stitch, 1htr in each stitch to the end, slip stitch to the top of the first htr to close the round, you should have 41 sts

Rows 3 - 12: repeat row 2 making sure to have 41sts at the end of each row.  Fasten of and weave in ends

Row 13: join in your contrasting wool to the back section of your purse by chaining 1 and working 1htr in same stitch, work 1htr in the next 18 stitches and turn

Row 14: ch1, in the same stitch and the next stitch work a htr2tog, this is worked by wrapping wool around hook, insert in to stitch, wrap wool again and pull through stitch, repeat in the next stitch, you should have 5 loops on your hook, wrap wool around hot again and pull through all 5 loops, this is your htr2tog. Work 1htr in the next 16 stitches, htr2tog and ch1 and turn

Row 15: htr2tog, 1htr in next 14 stitches, htr2tog, ch1 and turn

Row 16: htr2tog, 1htr in next 12 stitches, htr2tog, ch1 and turn

Row 17: htr2tog, 1htr in next 10 stitches, htr2tog, ch1 and turn

Row 18: htr2tog, 1htr in next 8 stitches, htr2tog, ch1 and turn

Row 19: htr2tog, 1htr in next 6 stitches, htr2tog, ch1 and turn

Row 20: 1htr in next 4 stitches, chain 3, 1htr in next 4 stitches

Fasten off, weave in ends and attach button. 

Happy hooking x

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awemastuff said...

While I was there I added you to my blog reading list Thanks for this lovely wee purse...

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