Saturday, 30 August 2014

Crochet Cushion Cover

Earlier this year I started to use up my stash bits and make a crochet blanket intended to go on my Daughter's bed. I used DK in any colour to create a blanket joining as I went, after 45 squares it became apparent that by the time I would be half way through it would be too heavy for me to work with and then knowing me I would put it in a bag and forget about it. Well I decided to start another blanket for Abi creating 180 squares in different colours then I shall crochet them together at the end, I think this will be workable for me.

So I looked at what I already created and couldn't bring myself to completely unravel it, so I removed a few squares and came up with 2 panels each with 16 squares. I crocheted a hot pink border around each panel then a single crochet stitch to join them together. I wanted to add buttons so added a few more rows at the top of one panel to create a flap with button holes, the whole thing was then finished off with different coloured buttons to tie in with the rest of the cushion cover.  I have already started to create another blanket for Abi and I also have one going in rainbow stripes for my youngest Daughter Bex. I am sure when they see the cushion they'll want one too. I love it and it is now pride of place in my office chair.

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Una said...

You found a good solution to the weight problem. I definitely forget about the end weight of a blanket when I start a project.

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