Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Cute Baby Jacket

Oh my what a windy day! I was rudely awoken at 3.30 am with the windy conditions. Our dustbins were trying to escape up the street and our small garden table ended up in our fish pond soon to be followed by the 2 chairs. I rescued the chairs and my daughter managed to lift the table out of the pond. Everything secured and hatches battened down yeah! I did think it was supposed to subside by lunch time but as I sit here writing this post I can assure you it hasn't and we are due snow tomorrow. I hope the wind dies down before the snow comes. I joined Slimming World back in October and up to press have lost 1st 8lb so its time to start excersing I thought. I have been doing gentle exercises but now its time to really go for it, so starting yesterday I walked 2.2 miles to our local post office and back to send of my Valentine baby beanies. My plan was to walk 2-3 miles each day, well today that failed. It is so windy you  can hardly stand up, so I thought have a productive day with crochet instead. I made this little jacket a good few weeks ago but never got around to writing down the pattern, so today I have written the pattern and uploaded it to my Ravelry store.  I made it to fit a 12" chest so a baby about 3 - 4lb in weight. I wanted something quick and easy with not a lot of thinking about and I think this fits the bill. It took approximately 25g plus 1 button and it can be made in about an hour. I think this would make great little stash buster and also to be donated to charity. I hope you like it and would consider making one for charity. Be back soon with another pattern, enjoy the rest of your Wednesday x

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