Monday, 4 January 2016

Happy New Year 2016!

Wishing everybody who visits my blog a fabulous Happy New Year. Hoping that 2016 is a fantastic year for all.

I didn't realise that 3 months had passed since my last post. I have been super busy crocheting and creating patterns but have had huge difficulty in taking photographs. It seems to have been so wet, dark and dreary for months and all of my crochet makes have been piling up just begging to have have its photo taken so it can be shared with you. Well today is no exception. I am sat here typing this post at 8.37 a.m. and I have the lights on because it is so dark outside. I am going to share some photos I did manage to take.

I joined a Facebook group last year called Blue Light Babies who put together baby packs which are given to paramedics to carry in the ambulances in the North East of England just in case they have to deliver a baby. Each pack contains various items all lovingly made by volunteers. I made them this cute little dress, hat and matching blanket for a little girl the group are supporting. The group are also creating a flower wall at a local hospital, once the wall comes down all the flowers will be sold to raise funds. I was also asked by the group leader Jo Owen if I could create a pattern of their logo mascot baby Bob. I must admit I found him a huge challenge but I managed to create a pattern which is now for sale via the group which is helping to raise funds.

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Anonymous said...

Just came across your blog by way of your lovely patterns on Ravelry. Thank you for feely sharing your hard work and creativity and a taking the time to write a blog for a personal connection. Happy New Year!! Darlene P.

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