Monday, 2 March 2015

Spring is in the air

I started to make this lovely baby blanket about 4 months ago but it ended up in my wip (works in progress) box to which I have been adding to on a regular basis. Naughty I know but I can't help myself, I see so many nice patterns and have a rather lovely huge stash of various yarns that I have to play.  Well over the weekend I gave myself a good talking too because I can not move in my office/studio for boxes and bags. So lecture over I decided to concentrate on my wip box and complete one project at a time and get a little more organisation in my crochet life.

When I first started this blanket there were lots of comments on social media talking about Cath Kidston colours for inspiration. I thought that would be my next colour theme, so a cup of tea and hour on Pinterest, then a rummage through my stash and I came up with my Stylecraft Special DK in:

White, Sherbet, Spring Green, Lemon, Candyfloss and Pomegranate 

I used the trust V stitch for the pattern and completed the blanket with a simple two rounds of half trebles and one round of simple chains for a frilly effect.  The colours reminded me of spring so that's what I called it my springtime baby blanket, although it doesn't feel like spring is in the air today since its snowing again and hasn't stopped all morning. 


Una said...

That was worth the effort to finish it. The colours are very pretty.

linda said...

It's a lovely blanket and the colours are perfect, well done on getting it finished. :) x

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