Monday, 29 December 2014

Belated Christmas Wishes

I am sending you all belated Christmas wishes and hope everyone had a lovely time. I myself have had a chest infection but over that now (yeah), My family and I all had a lazy Christmas just chilling and appreciating the fact the my husband is still here with us after having a double heart bypass just 9 weeks ago. So I know feel after a very stressful year that its goodbye to 2014 and I'm looking forward to 2015.

Now I don't normally go in for new year resolutions but this year I am. My studio/office is where I keep all of my woolly loveliness plus all my other craft items from buttons and ribbons to scrap paper and card plus beads and embellishments and because of the recent stresses everything has just been piled up in heaps and I feel claustrophobic.  So with this in mind I have been researching storage ideas and thinking of how to clean up my space and make it more workable.  The 1st thing I am doing is sorting through my woolly oddments that have been left over from projects and organising them in to different categories. I alway make sure that I use 100% of the ball of wool, so the beginning of the ball is my current project, depending on the project I might have a good sized oddment left over, I then make something for charity with it like a baby hat or bootees or granny squares which will be joined together later with a main colour to make a blanket which will then be donated to charity, if there is anything left I add to my little hats bag to make innocence hats to raise funds for AGE UK. After all that my offcuts when weaving in the ends are kept in a little bag and when it's full it is sent to my good friend Maureen for stuffing handmade toys. I'm going now to play with the wool winder and start my organised 2015.

Happy New Year!

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