Tuesday, 25 November 2014

I see a rainbow!

After a mammoth couple of weeks of making a dress and the huge candy stripe blanket in previous post I was happy to take an order to make my rainbow blanket.

Now, I normally just show you the finished article but I felt like sharing this one all the way. I have made this blanket before for my daughter, although I busted my stash by using various types of DK wool. I have tried to match the colours as near as I can and these are them. I have opted to create this lovely blanket using Stylecraft Special DK, the colours are lush and so is the feel and texture of the wool. My rainbow blanket is a simple V stitch, there is a pattern on the 'Free Patterns" page if you want to take a peek.

I actually started the blanket last night but 4 different colours in I realised it was smaller than I quoted to my customer so I start again today. I am making this blanket 1m wide and began with an initial chain of 180. The blanket will end up being slightly wider due to the border.

So the colours I have gone for are a mixture of spring and autumn colours and there is 13 in total. I know 13 is a bit of strange number but that's how many I used when making my daughters blanket so I decided to stick with 13. 

1: Spring Green, 2: Fiesta, 3: Lemon, 4: Sherbet, 5: Spice, 6: Wisteria, 7: Lime, 8: White, 9: Pomegranate, 10: Petrol, 11: Saffron, 12: Silver and 13: Emperor

I shall keep you up to date with photo's as I progress. The aim is to have the blanket finished within 2 weeks, so best grab a cup of tea and get to work.

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