Another Week Another Blanket

I feel I am becoming the blanket lady. I have been feeling sorry for myself this week suffering with a stinking cold that is only just going away so it gave me plenty of time to create my lovely new baby blanket. I want and have so many ideas to create and make but somehow recently get side tracked into yet another blanket. I justify it in that everyone needs a blanket. Well I joined a Facebook crochet group the other week, we just post photos of our makes and share tips and hints etc. Lots of people in the group were talking about C2C blankets. I knew what they were just never made one. So after a bit of research I found a tutorial which you can find here and the thats it I'm hooked (pardon the pun). I had recently bought some lovely Patons baby 4ply in a mixed baby colours and cream. So off I went with my 3.5mm hook and came up with this lovely baby blanket. It is sized to fit a pram or moses basket and it feels so soft.

I am now going to use the same principles of this pattern and make lots of other goodies. I have a single bed sized blanket to make and I am going to make some lap rugs for charity. I am also thinking  of scarves and cowls too, this pattern is so easy that my mind is a whirl with possibilities. I am finding that my crochet and card orders are keeping me almost sane while I silently worry for my hubby who is going back into hospital in October.  He has already had two heart attacks in the last 14 months and is having symptoms again, hence back into hospital on the 13th for another angiogram and possible extra stents. Because we are almost house bound, he can't walk very far I am getting lots of crochet time.


Una said…
That baby blanket is just beautiful.
linda said…
Love the blanket Vicky, so sorry to hear your hubby isn't well, I hope the angiogram goes well in October. :)
linda said…
I have just looked at the blanket pattern and would you believe I'm using the same pattern to make a throw for my daughter,

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