Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Tribute to a Friend

 Through making items for charity, I made a lovely friend who called Maureen. I would visit as often as I could to have a lovely catch up and to share stories of latest makes and charity needs etc. It was like a day trip, as you could never just pop in for an hour, it was always 4 hours with lunch included. Maureen was a very poorly lady and was more or less housebound, but she was a fantastic lady with lots of friends and a crazy sense of humour. I was making this little cardigan on the day I received a message that Maureen had sadly passed away, so I decided to name this new pattern in Maureen's memory. She was more of a knitter and enjoyed to make toys but she so loved to see what crochet designs I had recently made. I used to save them up so I could take them over to show her. This little cardigan pattern just seemed a nice thing to do in her memory. I organised the pattern on Ravelry and in just two and a bits weeks it has had over 1000 downloads. This makes me happy to feel the that lots of little girls will be wearing my cardigan in honour of such a fabulous lady. If you would like the pattern just click on the photo and you will be taken to my Ravelry store. I would love it if you would download the pattern and make just 1 little cardigan and donate to your favourite charity.

Monday, 1 February 2016

Sweet Little Slippers

I adore making things for babies, wether it is teeny tiny premature garments for my charities or garments for newborns and toddlers. Not only are they quick to make but look so cute when complete that you can't help but go AWW!. These little slippers are no exception. I have tried and tried to make baby shoes using various patterns, but for some reason they just didn't gel with me, so on my every growing list of designs to create were a pair of little slippers. These took a good week to design and I am really pleased with them. Although the photos are for boys I have made these for girls just don't have the right photo to share. The pattern is available in my Ravelry store just click on the top photo.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Not Yet Spring!

I designed and created a lot of cowls for the winter months but all of them for adults and I thought why not for a child, so I set about making a cowl that would be suitable for a 6 - 12 months with a matching beanie style hat. In time I will make them in larger sizes. When my two girls were small I could never get them to keep a scarf on in the winter so I ended up tying the scarf in a huge knot which was obviously uncomfortable being right under their chins. Then I thought why not make a cowl for children, no knots, no uncomfortable bulge under the chin. I have now made a few of these and I think they turn out quite cute, especially when finished off with a flower or maybe a bow.

The pattern is now for sale via my Etsy shop, just clock in the photo if you're interested.

Monday, 25 January 2016

Jack & Jill Pattern

I crochet a lot for different charities and wanted a little jacket that would suit both a baby boy and baby girl, but also a pattern that didn't take much thinking about, just hook and go. So after playing around a lot with different looks I came up with a cute simple little jacket. The finished size using 4mm hook and Stylecraft Special DK is a 14" chest. I have also made these jackets using lots of different types of DK yarns always with my trusty 4mm hook and each time the jackets turn out slight smaller or larger than 14", I didn't mind this as all babies come in different sizes. The pattern is easy to make smaller by using 3.5mm or even 3mm with 4 ply yarn and if you want a larger jacket use 4.5mm or 5mm hook with Aran, although I wouldn't make an Aran jacket for charity. I have to say these little jackets are quite addictive once you get going. I have done a lacy pattern for a baby girl and a plain one for a baby boy but you can alter the pattern to suit as long as it can fit to 62 sts. Why not download the pattern from my Ravelry store and have a play. The pattern can be found by clicking on the photo's

Monday, 4 January 2016

Happy New Year 2016!

Wishing everybody who visits my blog a fabulous Happy New Year. Hoping that 2016 is a fantastic year for all.

I didn't realise that 3 months had passed since my last post. I have been super busy crocheting and creating patterns but have had huge difficulty in taking photographs. It seems to have been so wet, dark and dreary for months and all of my crochet makes have been piling up just begging to have have its photo taken so it can be shared with you. Well today is no exception. I am sat here typing this post at 8.37 a.m. and I have the lights on because it is so dark outside. I am going to share some photos I did manage to take.

I joined a Facebook group last year called Blue Light Babies who put together baby packs which are given to paramedics to carry in the ambulances in the North East of England just in case they have to deliver a baby. Each pack contains various items all lovingly made by volunteers. I made them this cute little dress, hat and matching blanket for a little girl the group are supporting. The group are also creating a flower wall at a local hospital, once the wall comes down all the flowers will be sold to raise funds. I was also asked by the group leader Jo Owen if I could create a pattern of their logo mascot baby Bob. I must admit I found him a huge challenge but I managed to create a pattern which is now for sale via the group which is helping to raise funds.

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Wet and Dreary Saturday Hooking

Well woke up this morning to dark, dreary and wet weather. I was hoping to crochet all day today anyway, so yay! for the weather, now I can put my feet up and work on my new project. I have a love of buttons and ribbon and yarn and (you get the picture) anything pretty then I'm addicted. I have been trying to tidy up my studio space and came across lots of small amounts of Stylecraft Special DK in various colours and was wandering what to do with them. So I had a little play and came up with buttons.

I thought with Autumn upon us I wanted more darker colours than bright. So I choose Lavender, Pomegranate, Spice, Aster, Lime, Saffron, Petrol and Fondant.

These little cuties shall be turned into buttons and attached to granny squares to create a tactile blanket, just need to decide what size to make the blanket. I'm leaning towards a large snuggly blanket. I have decided to use cream for the granny squares, I was going to use white but feel cream works better with my colour choices. 

I shall post more photos as I go, not sure how long this project is going to take but I'm loving it so far.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Baby Button Beanie with Mittens

I have been having play instead of getting on with my other projects, naughty I know but I had 70g of a lovely blue mixed baby soft yarn and I have sadly lost the label and do no remember the manufacturer, anyway this little ball of yarn was getting on my nerves. Overtime I opened one of my many draws it seemed to be there asking me to make something with it, so last night I decided to see what I could get out just 70g. In the end I made a sweet button beanie and a pair of mittens to fit 0-3 months and I still have plenty left over enough for probably a pair of booties. I have put the pattern in my Ravelry store for free. I aim to be making these for various baby charities and to sell as a newborn gift in my Folksy shop. Here is a link to the pattern - Baby Button Beanie & Mittens

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Holidays Over

Happy bank holiday weekend everyone. I have just returned from a lovely week camping in North Yorkshire. We have a folding camper called a Dandy and it is so cute. I shall have to take photos next time to show you all. We bought it early July this year and have already been away 5 times in it. All this camping is playing havoc with my crochet though. I always take my crochet with me but for some reason never have time to actually sit and create. So back home now and getting backing into the swing of things. I have a very cute little girl poncho that I'm trying to finish and also a new idea for a baby blanket along the lines of a granny stripe but slightly different. I hope to have both some where near finished and being able to be photographed this week so I can share. In the meantime I have completed my pattern for my summer wrap and it is now for sale in my Ravelry store just click on the "Summer Wrap" link if fancy a look.

Monday, 10 August 2015

Ladies Chunky Headband

Morning everyone. A huge thank you first of all for everyone who has popped by to read my blog. I was extremely happy this morning to see I have had over 5000 visitors. So today I want to share with you my latest make. I am not usually a big fan of chunky yarn, but I purchased 8 balls of Stylecraft Brushstrokes in various colours. It is a wool, mohair and acrylic mix yarn which works up really well. I had cowls and headbands in mind when I bought it and it has been on a shelf in my studio for about 6 months now so it was time to create something. I designed this very easy headband with an optional flower the other day while I was waiting for my hubby at the doctors. I tend to wait in the car so that I can keep on crocheting. Anyhow I was sat there merrily watching the world go by and crocheting away and when hubby came back to the car I had finished my headband. 45 minutes is all it took without the flower. I was very pleased with how it turned out. I had the pattern in my head so promptly went home to write it down. I was amazed that out of 1 x 100g ball I got 2 headbands with flowers and enough left over for just the flower which I shall turn into a brooch. This headband is so quick it would make great gifts especially with the dreaded colder months approaching soon. I think I'm going to make a matching cowl too.  My eldest daughter Abi kindly modelled the headband for me.

The pattern is available in PDF format 

Ravelry  - Easy Chunky Headband

Friday, 31 July 2015

Lacy Textured Infinity Scarf

Well I know I'm a day early, I was supposed to upload tomorrow but the sun is shining at last and I felt like getting my head around a few patterns and things I really need to get finished. So do you remember my 'Lacy Textured Infinity Scarf' that I created for the July yarn club over at Dexter's Rainbow well I'm glad to say it had really good reviews and it is now officially for sale from my Ravelry store, just click on the photo if your interested. I have made this scarf so many times it is a real favourite and the beauty of its you can make it for gifts all year round and what with Christmas soon approaching (I know I'm sorry) it would make a lovely handmade gift.

I have also finished my 12 point star blanket in white, blue and silver and I shall share that tomorrow when I have sorted out weaving in the ends and taking photo's. I hope the sun is shining where ever you are in the world, we have been waiting a long time for it so I'm going to sit in the garden while weaving in my ends. Happy Friday everyone x