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Stash Busting Challenge

Anyone who knows me and have read my blog or Facebook page you will know that I have a rather large stash and for 2017 I put myself on a 'YARN DIET" do not under any circumstances buy more yarn I tell myself on a daily basis. I have been tempted believe you me,  I receive lots of emails everyday with lots of lovely photos and special offers on yarn and I'm proud to say that so far I haven't succumbed and my "YARN DIET" is going well.

Now some of you know that I'm a bit sad and I love spreadsheets, my daughter can testify to that, she bought me a cup with 'I Love Spreadsheets' on has a joke but I love using it. I decided a while ago to have a spreadsheet listing all my yarn, make, colour, grams etc because I found that I had so much and when I wanted to start something new I couldn't find the yarn I wanted so bought more, then found that I already had some. So enough was enough and a spreadsheet was born, I have even noted where I have stashed…

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