Charity Challenges

I love to create items for various charities, wether it be for baby's, older people or animals. I have a lot of charities that I love to help. So much so that I set myself a challenge in 2014 to make 1000 items and donate them to my favourite charities. This is my list of which ones I help along with a running total. This page is to share with you the various charities and organisations that I love to help and maybe you might like to join in too by using my free patterns to help a charity or a person in need.

So far I have donated - 373 to the causes below plus many more.

Take Heart based at Leeds General Infirmary

Take Heart is a charity raising funds to help patients and families who have treatment on the cardiac wards. My husband had a double heart bypass in October 2014 at Leeds and the facilities were fantastic. Take Heart raise money to help renovate cardiac wards, they have also created a garden to help with recuperation  and family rooms with TV's, free TV and phone calls for patients plus lots of ongoing projects. They raise funds by holding coffee mornings, sponsored walks, gala events and by selling handmade items at the hospital on a Friday lunch time. I made some little items for them and donated hundreds of handmade cards. I am hoping to be volunteering for them during 2017 too.

The Big Knit - Innocence Hats

I crochet mine but they still turn out cute. Check out my free crochet patterns page for more info.

Local Baby Units in Leeds and Bradford

I have recently joined a Facebook group called Crafted with love - donation group who make items for both babies and older children. They help my local hospitals along with others nationwide and various charities internationally. If you would also like to create and donate just click the link to join and lovely group of crafters helping others.  I am currently making little hats but here is a little jacket I designed for little premature babies.  Click on the photo and you will be taken to my Ravelry store where you can download the free pattern. 

Meltham Wildlife Rescue, Holmfirth

The rescue centre take in all forms of wildlife  for various reasons and they do their best to get them back to full fitness and returned to the wild. They need help with lots of items especially bedding so I use up my old scraps of yarn to make nests in various sizes. Some I crochet but I have discovered loom knitting recently and loom knit nests are a great thing to make.


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